What is Naapu?

Naapu is a product of the Finnish company Naapu Oy, founded in 2020. The purpose of Naapu is to make receiving and giving neighbor help and local services effortless and reliable ūüĆ≥

Naapu allows you to request for help and offer services in your own neighborhood. Publish your own post or browse other users' posts on Naapu's digital notice board. Naapu gives you the opportunity to reach your neighbors.

The purpose of Naapu is to promote exchange of local help and services. Requesting and offering help must be effortless and safe. This is reflected in Naapu's every design solution.

Posts on Naapu can be related to topics such as: grocery shopping; pet care; bike service; cleaning; yard work or moving help. 

Ultimately, Naapu serves as a platform that enables local help and services, so as a rule, you and the the other Naapu-users define the subjects of the posts on Naapu. So far, Naapu has been used for bike service, child care, cleaning help and grocery shopping, among other things. 

Naapu is intended for both individuals and businesses. Individuals can request and offer help or services by publishing a post on the Naapu's digital notice board. Similarly, businesses and organisations offering services can promote their services locally by publishing a post to Naapu.

Naapu is for you, who:

1) Need help or service;

2) Want to help or provide your services against payment in your neighborhood

3) Want to promote the services of your business or activities locally

Naapu Team

Naapu's team consists of students and entrepreneurs. In addition to many years of entrepreneurial experience, the Naapu team has a background in computer science, law and economics ūüĆĪ


The inventor and CEO of Naapu. The idea for Naapu came from Klaus' desire to offer bike service help to his neighbors. Klaus has a master's degree in law and with Naapu, Klaus can fulfill his desire to help others. With Naapu, Klaus has been able to help with bike service, child care and moving.


Naapu's software developer. Ossi has conjured Naapu from a blank screen into a unique gem. The credit for Naapu's user-friendliness and continuous development belongs to Ossi. Ossi studies IT at the University of Helsinki.


Naapu's UX/UI Designer. Nicolas brings his expertise to the continuous development of Naapu's user-friendliness.

The Naapu team also includes Robert, Samuel and Benjamin, who share their valuable insights into Naapu's operations.

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