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How can your business or organisation benefit from Naapu?


Naapu gives you the opportunity to reach your neighborhood. As an individual, you can use Naapu to request and provide assistance and services. Similarly, as an entrepreneur or organisation, you can offer your services by publishing a post on Naapu's digital notice board. In this way, you get local visibility for your services.

Here's how your business or organisation can take advantage of Naapu.  More detailed information about Naapu's functions can be found on the "How does Naapu work" -tab

1) Download Naapu from your app store.  Naapu is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

2) Sign up to Naapu.  You can easily sign up with an email address or an existing Google Account.

3) Set up your profile. For example, you can set the user's name to the name of your company or organisation. You can also attach a profile picture to your user account

4) Publish your post. As an entrepreneur, you can market your services by publishing a post on Naapu's digital notice board. Write a title for the post  and describe what services you offer. You can also attach your contact information. If you wish, you can also attach photos to the post. After that, you will need to choose the location of your post. If you have activity in different areas, you can separately add the same notification to many different locations

5) You're done!  After publishing your post, you can wait to be contacted about your offer. For example, Naapu users can respond to your post using Naapu's chat. As an entrepreneur, you can also browse the Naapu notice board and contact potential customers directly by responding to published posts.

A photo of your completed listing might look like this:

See you in Naapu!  💚

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